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11 Day Power Play

Kevin Pender

Kevin Pender

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in helping me #PutCancerOnIce by making a contribution to my player page. I consider it to be a great honor to have been selected as one of the 40 players to participate in an 11 day marathon hockey game to help raise money - money that will benefit multiple organizations dedicated to helping those with cancer as well as the ultimate goal of ending this disease and the pain it inflicts on everyone.

For me this is a very personal undertaking - the past several years my family and friends have lost too many people - fantastic people that were taken way too early. And have also been privileged to watch friends and family that have battled and gotten through this disease - and continue to fight it off daily. Their dedication and perseverance in beating back cancer is a true inspiration of what real strength is.

This year I am dedicating my participation in this event to those that have battled and lost and those that have battled and continue to.

Those lost - Helen Pender, Cathy Kennedy, Bill Solop and Tricia Klose and Susan Allan - you are missed daily and your impact on our lives will always be remembered and cherished.

Those still battling - Kelley Carlson - your strength is amazing and you inspire all of us.

This years event goes back to the original roots - where 40 players are tasked with playing a continuous game for 11 days. Sounds daunting however it pales in comparison to the battles fought daily by all those affected by cancer.

Proceeds of the event will support cutting-edge cancer research and wellness programs at Roswell Park, Make-A-Wish WNY, Camp Good Days and Roswell Park and Oishei Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Program.

​Check out for more information.

Checks can be made payable to
The 11 Day Power Play.
PO. Box 4 
Buffalo, NY 14223

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer!


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